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How to Behave on an Airplane

Does anyone remember the Golden Rule? It is an easy way to remember to mind your manners. Behaving in a disorderly fashion is no longer tolerated by airport personnel or flight crews on United States air carriers. Since the government has taken over handling irate passengers, this article will focus instead on other "Do's and Don't's" associated with proper airplane etiquette.


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  • Manners
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      Please be courteous of other people. Taking your shoes and socks off and propping your feet on the armrest of the person sitting in front of you because you want to feel more comfortable, is NOT acceptable airplane etiquette. After they get over the shock of strange toes in their personal space, the passenger in front of you may just want to let his or her seat back very hard.

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      Control your children. While some parents are fortunate to have mind or eye control over their children, the majority of the world is not as lucky. Be creative. Bring things for children to do, such as coloring books or DVDs, to occupy them while traveling. This will allow everyone's nerves to get a break while on board.

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      If you have special dietary needs, order a special meal. Here's a reminder. You are on an airplane approximately 35,000 feet above the ground. There's no way for the flight crew to go to the supermarket to get you a vegetarian dish. Please do not become upset with them because you failed to take care of your needs. Remember to order it when you purchase your ticket, or ask about getting one when you check in at the gate before your flight. The earlier you ask the better chance you will get it.

      4 Flush the toilet. Airplane lavatories are small, uncomfortable, cesspools, sort of like inflight porta potties. Already, none of us wants to touch anything in there! Please, at least make it easier on our eyes, not to see what you did in there before us. Oh, and could you wipe up the water you splash over the counter and floor with the hand towels the nice airline supplies? Flight Attendants are not janitors. They are there primarily to save your life...should the need arise.

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    Don't take over someone else's space. Most of us travel in economy class where comfort is more like confinement and roominess is lacking except being able to flex your feet and rotate your neck. Must we fight over the middle armrest? Can we just share it, please?

    6 Please use the call bell to signal the flight attendants. Whistling, waving at, or snapping your fingers at them will probably only get you ignored. Try to use the call bell sparingly. Remember, you do not have a personal butler at your beck and call, but a safety professional to assist you in enjoying your flight.

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    Saturday, April 23, 2011


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    我感覺己夠安慰 烏雲也不再多 我們也不為誰掉眼淚  空氣中藏著 你的香味 回憶裡躲著 你的眼淚 最後擁抱的 溫暖還有一些 我拖著行李往前 一直走  看一看回憶 是雲朵 一朵朵的飄過 若想要回頭 就無法傲翔

    Saturday, March 19, 2011


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    记得曾经说过 如果给我考上国泰的空姐 又可以搬到香港住 我整个人 就像重生一样 但 现在真的实现了 我并没有这样的感觉 除了 不舍还是 不舍

    Sunday, March 13, 2011


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    不知道为什么照片传不上面子书 :( 气死我了!

    To Michie ♥

    不只生日而是天天都快乐 :)